Fire Ashes Wings

Poems giving voice to women in the Bible, mythology and the Arts (Finishing Line Press, 2013)


A limited edition artist’s book by Sue Leopard / Text: “Hummingbird” by Ruth Kessler (Leopard Studio Editions, 2010)

Selected Magazine Publications

Adirondack Review, Blast Furnace, Common Ground Review, Contemporary American Voices (Featured Poet, June 2017), The Deronda Review, Earth’s Daughters, The Evansville Review, The Fourth River, The Gihon River review, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Heirlock, Lilith (Runner up in the Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize), The Louisville review, The MacGuffin, The Madison Review, Mediterranean Poetry, Miramar, Negative Capability, Noneuclidean Café (Inaugural Issue, by invitation), Philos (Brazil), Poetica, Pomme (Featured Poem of the inaugural issue, 2019), San Pedro River Review, Seneca Review, Slant, Southern Poetry Review, Switched-on Gutenberg, Visions International, Voices Israel

Selected Anthologies

Risk, Courage, and Women: Contemporary Voices in Prose and Poetry; Homage to Vallejo; Knocking on the Silence; Remembering Faces; Common Intuitions


Blast Furnace (Link)